On the topic of Exercise & Moisture 

On the topic of workout and hair lately I was feeling my hair a bit too wet most of the time so today out of curiosity with no prior planning did this mini experiment.

Not use Leave in conditioner, sounds criminal for low porosity hair but it was great

I simply cowashed, applied oil and very little mousse (All 3 Aussie brand, now available in Germany yei) and finished with Argan oil. My hair was nice & dry hair in less than 3 hours.

I don’t know my curl pattern because I tend to decide based on porosity, density & texture instead.

I am low porosity, high density and mixed hair.

Curl pattern unknown.

Exercise & Moisture

2 thoughts on “On the topic of Exercise & Moisture 

    • I love the leave in effect on my hair but since I have been working out more possibly is necessary to alternate a bit. It was just a hunch but it seemed to work for changing up things a bit.


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