Coconut oil and its hability to penetrate the hair shaft in order to improve appearance and reduce hair tangling.

The original study investigated 4 oils:

  1. Coconut oil
  2. Olive oil
  3. Sunflower oil
  4. Mineral oil

Today I will try coconut oil.

What they measured was the capillary adhesion(CA) of hair fibers, while we can not measure this at home today we follow more or less this guide for getting the benifits of having coconut oil infused hair fibers which is basically what CA measures, the hability of the oil to penetrate the hair shaft.

The Hair Experiment 

  1. Apply coconut oil to dry hair and finger detangle cover with a plastic cap.
  2. Apply heat for 10-20 minutes and let product sit and cool down (yo can use the blow dryer in low setting, cover with hot towel or spend sometime in the sauna as part of a spa night). I used the blow dryer.
  3. Style as usual (I used the macadamia hair smooth curl step by step that I posted previously).

You can also experiment with sunflower oil if you wish to try it, since in the study both oils when exposed to heat lowered even more the capillary adhesion, meaning that more oil penetrated in to the hair shaft which in turn protects it from Higral fatigue one of the culprits of breakage.  The Same principle also applied for Olive oil but the use of heat provided no further improvements, so no need to use heat (in this case what you can do is heat the olive oil in itself, it is quite pleasant and was one of my first experiments loved it). Mineral oil is ineffective in reducing capillary adhesion and that’s the reason why you will always find online advise against it, so yes don’t use mineral oil, it will only sit on top of you hair creating build up.

In summary coconut oil, olive oil and sunflower oil can penetrate into the hair shaft helping to prevent breakage, strengthening the hair fiber and improving overall health, done in moderation (every 1-2 weeks) it will help you have healthier hair in no time.

The experience, how I felt

The whole detangling,washing, styling time was about 1 hour, I left the hair to air dry and since I have low porosity and is a not so warm spring day my hair is still a little bit wet; but I can see a very nice curl definition and after conditioning my hair I noticed a did not have any tangles.

In general the first day of this “Hair experiment” can be called successful!


Hair Experiment #1: Coconut Oil 

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