Hair Experiment #3: Honey, Olive & Coconut Oil Prewash


In my previous experiment I tried the “do nothing” approach to the wash day and in terms of aesthetics it was quite successful but not in terms of hydration.

So today I felt the need to “recover” the hair and went nuclear on it ok not really but…

My hair was quite dry and tangled after my previous experiment Of not using styling products and leaving my hair out of the water for 6 days (I like feeling the water in my scalp, so that won’t happen again, day 2 or day 3 wash is a must for me).

The experiment:

  1. Coconut oil
  2. olive oil
  3. honey

mix all ingredients in a bowl and heat for less than a minute in the microwave and apply to your scalp with regular massage, let sit for about 20 minutes and follow with Shampoo, deep conditioner and regular conditioner.

The results:

Soft, shiny detangled hair, but it’s  quite puffy and with a lot of shrinkage.

Today was very Humid and rainy and has been for the entirety of the week so far so it was probably not the best day for a hair experiment, regardless I desperately wanted to wash my hair so it is what it is.


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