Type 4 Hair, no such thing as types!

I am currently reading an acedemic thesis on the hierachies among the natural hair movement and how the classification creator André Walker might have been a bit biassed, if not discriminatory towards 4b/c hair.

I never found useful that classification having multiple textures, low porosity, high density and a mix of fine and course hair. Those other attibutes influenced my hair health and product choice more than knowing my curl pattern. I know curl typing is the signature marketing tool for texture media (and while I love their portal naturally curly, their choice of hair typing not so much). I dont think it is completely useless, but I agree with the original post in that  it’s a method that yields itself for usage as a discrimination tool (unintended probably). I read post by girls wishing their texture was like someone else’s and the point is self esteem, not trying to “train our curls” to be more “perfect”, you have the perfect curl love it and embrace it as it is!

Keep it healthy and hydrated and it will be the best curl it can be!

Have a happy curly day!

The Hair Lab Doctor


I didn’t know that I had a “type” of hair other than Black hair. I heard about the term Type 4 a/b hair in the summertime this year and was still largely clueless as to what my hair type is…since as its getting longer, it is changing from a 4b to…who knows? I don’t think it really matters if someone has nice “3b” hair or someone has coarse “4c” hair. I have seen YouTubers with THE most gorgeous, amazing hair ever and their hair is like a 4b, but I have seen women with 3c hair that grows effortlessly within months.

Especially within the NHM (Natural Hair Movement)…finding a system to separate hair types sounds silly and pompous. It generally has an underlying meaning that the closer you get to the European type (Type 2) then the nicer your hair is…or the more success you have being natural. But it’s…

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4 thoughts on “Type 4 Hair, no such thing as types!

  1. Hmmm this is quite interesting to say the least. I think the hair typing does help alot, but there may be some truth in the separation that comes along with it. I think as long as you hair can stand into an afro its gorgeous (may be I’m being biased)

    Great post!

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    • Yeah, different things work for different people, but I liked that old post from 2013 as it coincided with the thesis I zAm reading and a few ideas I had about the topic. I co manage an IG account for curky hair and have noticed the kinkier the shorter he hair the least likes we get, and I personally love that look! Kinky twas for instance. But what I notice the most is comments from tighter curl pattern owners wanting a looser curl, which prompted me to look into the topic 🙂

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    • Thanks for your comment! It probably depends on what use certain tools are given, yet some tools lend themselves more to misusage than others. For instance nobody brags or drags the different porosities, plus for me that is a better indicatir of what products to use (I have products loved by 2a-4a, to use the equivalence and my curl pattern did not affect the choice). Off course it is useful for a lot of people, but the hierachies that create are a bit off.


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