I’m bored of my hair, let’s get a haircut!

Not everything can be science and factual, some things are just well they just are.

I’m bored with my hair even though it feels healthy and it is well hydrated, I want to change it. Usually when I get bored with my wash and go I blow dry it or use hot rollers, but the humidity is high right now and I’m trying to avoid heat and coloring so the only option left is a haircut.

I always think I will style my hair with bantu knots or twist outs, but I dont have patience for it so when Im bored I always blow dry or hot roller set, but with the current weather change well heat styling seems a bit pointless. It’s officially been a month since my last hot roller set so why break my streak of no heat, cutting it is! Yikes.

My last haircut was in February and at the time I wanted an afro volume cut and finally now that I have gotten the hang of that style,  I want to try getting bangs lol why can’t we just be happy with the way things are. Humans we always want to change things up, the problem is I can’t go to my regular hairdresser for geographic reasons…

Here is a list of tips and advice for DIY curly haircuts with video tutorials I have been watching in order to trim my hair that I found most useful.



MissCharmsie Haircut DIY

On freshly washed and detangled hair with leave in conditioner, I started smoothing my fingers in the most straight looking ends first and I noticed I had way more than I expected I only did face framing since I was not confident to tend to the back of my head, then I washed my hair and hoped for the best.

I Ultimately decided to follow more or less, MissCharmsie DIY devacut tutorial while searching and destroying a few ends and I like the results my hair is a little more shapely and while is not a big change I am pleased with it.

Do you get that feeling of boredom with your hair sometimes too, even if its healthy and looking good? Would you cut it yourself? Do you think it is scarier to cut it in the salon or at home?

PS. I started writing this post 11 days ago and just now managed to pick up the courage to actually cut the few strands I did

Misscharmsie my hair inspiration


Estructura Basica y clasificación de Cabello Humano

Desde el punto de vista dermatológico (especialidad de la medicina encargada del cuidado del cabello y la piel y otros anejos cutáneos) históricamente el cabello se clasifica en 3 tipos siguiendo lineas raciales

1. Mongoloide (Asiático)
2. Caucasico
3. Negroide (africano y descendencia africana)

Aun cuando se trata de una clasificación racial, se han hecho estudios que muestran ciertas diferencias estructurales mas no así es su composición química básica.

En general el cabello africano o con su abreviatura afro tiende a ser mas elíptico, requiere menos fuerza para romperse y es de apariencia mas rizada que sus contrapartes caucasicas y mongoloides.

Para entender las diferencias entre cada tipo de cabello hay que conocer la estructura del mismo, el cual esta conformado por
1. Medula
2. Corteza
3. Cutícula


Las dos estructuras responsables de la fortaleza del cabello son la cutícula y la medula aunque aun hay debate sobre el rol de cada una.
Estudios realizados comparando los tres tipos de cabello demuestran que la cutícula esta mas espaciada en el cabello negroide, seguido por mongoloide y caucásico en ese orden.
La cutícula asiática es de 6-8 escamas, menos en caucásico y aun menos cantidad en cabello afro, se propone que esta es una de las razones que contribuyen a mayor ruptura del cabello afro en general en especial en los puntos de torsion