Super Easy Wash Day! Update

Updated Fast Wash Day Routine

1. Oil pre poo (either overnight or just before washing hair)


Mixed natural based oils free of silicones

2. Shampoo or Cowash (currently cowashing up to 2 weeks which is the point of tolerance to build up that I have)

3. Deep Condition: Leave on from 7 min-20 min with or without heat (generally a warm towel).


I Have not been able to find a deep conditioner I like better than this one, so I keep repurchasing it!

4. Detangle: I use a tangle teezer brush and so far I love it! I will review each product individually in a separate post maybe if you like 🙂


5. Rinse Out conditioner


I rinse out 60% of the conditioner, so far it only works with this particular conditioning milk by Devacurl and I love it!

6. Leave in: Since I am currently doing a “silicone free challenge” these are the leave in conditioners I am using at the moment.

7. Diffuse, style or air dry and you are done!

My goal of having a simplified routine that works for me has been completed, detangling more than once during the wash day at least for me is unnecessary (and I only use my hair as a wash and go so hello tangles but it is still ok).

 I normally wash my hair with shampoo every week and cowash in between as needed. 

I stopped using shampoo about 2 weeks ago in order to properly try the effects of the very hyped Decadence line by Devacurl And they live up to the hype. Also I have only cowashed exclusively as part of my cowash silicon free challenge, but it is time to use shampoo again since I noticed some build up today and I will probably go back to weekly/biweekly usage of shampoo, still that does not change my preference for a shorter wash day. 

How is your wash day routine? How many products do you use? Have you tried any of the products in this post? Would you like a review of each product? Let me know in the comments section and thanks for reading!


The Hair Lab

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