Pokemon GO starter Kit! Hydration, Hydration!

Ok I admit it, I post about everything I like on this blog and maybe I should just call this blog “The Lab or whatves” but I had to post about pokemon go. The idea of catching your own pokemons and training them is simply fantastic and even if you have never played it before maybe you should, because it is also healthy increasing your fitness levels, and by default healthy body = healthy hair. Trust me I am a doctor.

About Pokemon Go: It is an app created by Niantic which you can download to your phone, you probably already know but well, just in case…

In the past days millions of players have reported in social media how PokemonGO has impacted their life in a positive way:

  1. Increase in physical activity
  2. Sense of community
  3. Networking and meeting like minded people
  4. And lots of FUN

Ok so lets play since the summer is particularly hot in Europe this year,  you might want to consider a few things when going out during the day.

  1. Wear a wide brim hat.
  2. Keep a water bottle, even better keep two! Hydrate, hydrate,hydrate.
  3. Water sprays again hydration, this is to help with insensible loses due to sweat, but mostly is super refreshing and good for the skin and The Hair!
  4. Keep a battery pack for your phone, these babies drain the battery big time
  5. Stay clear from dangerous areas (rare pokemon or not), safety first.
  6. Wear sunglasses.
  7. Use sunscreen at least SPF 30 and reapply often, every two hours is ideal.

Ok I hope this mini guide helps you to catch your favorite Pokemon while not dying in the summer. I absolutely love the game, last time I played I used cards…never felt the video game versions were for me but now what Niantic has created well, it has even motivated me to play all the games I did not play before LOL.


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