The Floating Piers by Christo 

From June 18 – July 3, 2016 Lake Iseo in the Lombardia region in Italy is being reimagined as a living work of art experience.The Floating Piers Mastermind is Christo Vladimirov Javacheff, most commonly known as simply Christo.

The walkway is approximately 3km long and connects Sulzano, The Island of San Paolo owned by the Beretta Family and Monte Isola in Lake Iseo in the region of Lombardia in Italy.

The Island of San Paolo

It is as an impressive work of engineering as it is a work of art with 100,000 square meters of shimmering yellow fabric, carried by a modular floating dock system of 220,000 high density polyethylene cubes, undulating with the movements of the waves as The Floating Piers rise just above the surface of the water.

Two years in the making

This project has been “under construction” since 2014 and many of tests and manufacturing steps where conducted in Germany. In August and September 2014 a secret life size test was conducted in Schleswig Holstein in Northen Germany, how I wish I had been a curious passet by to witness this experiment that ultimately gave Christo the final measure as to how much fabric will be needed.

The response of the public was above and beyond what was expected. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience! Originally the project was opened to the public 24/7 but due to the unexpectedly high number of visitors the authorities requested the exhibit to be closed at night for maintenance of the local municipality facilities.


Well this is the last weekend to enjoy The Floating Piers since on July 3rd the exhibit will close and all the materials used will ve recycled, I wonder if I can get one of the byproducts of this magnificent work of art and science. Anyways if you are in Europe this weekend you definitively need to see The Floating Piers! Paraphrasing Christo People dont come to the piers because they are meeting friends or going somewhere, they come to the piers to walk nowhere and as a visitor that loved walking nowhere on water I can not agree more.




The Best Hair Tool for Curly Hair!


The Hair Lab

Have you tried a Hair Diffuser to dry your hair?

If the answer is no you must! Yesterday I finally tried one and OMG! I loved it.

How to use

  1. Style hair as usual
  2. Dry with a microfiber towel or air dry until hair is not dripping wet
  3. Flip your head upside down and gently place curls on the diffuser attachment
  4. Always use low/medium heat or cool air to diffuse (Do not use high heat it will cause frizz and Damage the Diffuser)
  5. Dry the roots fully to minimize frizz
  6. Pick the roots and shake for more volume.

I absolutely love drying my hair using the diffuser attachment, it controls frizz, increases curl definition to another level, makes the wash and go last longer and if you have low porosity hair like me and workout a lot and need to wash your hair at night for some reason this is definitively a must have in your curly hair care cabinet!

Here a video on how to use a diffuser Curlyhair Routine

Silicone Free Challenge for Natural Hair

As you all know I am a naturalista that uses sulphates and soluble silicones after determining they are safe and effective products for me that are as long as the mix of ingredients is not overly drying and they are pH balanced. That being said I love a challenge here and there.

I checked my product cabinet, and to my surprise I have more products with silicone than not so I sorted the products to see what I had to work with. Yes I wrote cabinet in the previous sentence OMG I have a “cabinet”, when I had keratin blow outs or relaxers or creamy crack on my hair I simply used shampoo, deep conditioner and a rinse out conditioner that also functioned as a leave in, Oh!the simple times LOL.

My product cabinet is now divided in products with silicone and without silicone so I decided to simply use only the products that were silicone free as part of my challenge. I also purchased a few new silicone free products and was actually amazed.

My original intent was to also co-wash during the entirety of the challenge but I had to stop at the 2 week point mark because of product build up and reintroduced anionic surfactants such as coco-sulphate and sulfosuccinates and my hair was still very hydrated towards the end of the challenge, the key to that I think is the pre-poo.

The results

After a week of unmanageable frizz my hair started to show more curl definition and so far product build up was not an issue. After that while it looked great my scalp was not feeling fresh and I was getting more tangles than usual so I switched back to shampooing on an “as needed basis” for last 2 weeks of the challenge.

Some products I used during the challenge were Devacurl One Condition Decadence line, Cantu (Co-wash and Leave in), Curls Blueberry Bliss Leave in conditioner. In terms of price Cantu is the cheapest, in terms of final results I preferred Decadence plus Blueberry Bliss; but all products I used made my hair feel happy :). I will start writing product reviews sometime next month once I have a little more free time.

Tips for a successful Co wash. My Silicone free Challenge experience

  1. Shampoo or clarify with a Deep cleanser before starting the Challenge
  2. Be 100% sure the products you are using do not contain any form of silicone
  3. Shampoo if you get product or dirt build up
  4. Do it with an actual co-wash product, that way you can experience the maximum benefit and if you like it you can then either change to a regular conditioner with similar ingredients or stay with the co-wash.



The Hair Lab: Week 4 Silicone Free Challenge