I Have a Crown Now 

I am sorry you can not see, how great I am. I am sorry you were born below me, I always knew I was better than you and now thanks to my crown, everyone knows.

You wanted me to apologize, ok I will write a meaningless statement just to keep the crown I deserve, because I have better skin, better hair and a faker smile than yours.

Get outraged, write about me on social media, I do not care, I am the crown queen or king of the most powerful country on earth. I am the face of racism, discrimination, hate and violence and I am proud of it. I have not changed at all but I will write I did just to weather the storm. Anyways next week Kayne and Kim will be trending instead of me.
***This is what I imagine feels like reading in between the lines of the never ending Apology for saying and writing racists, or sexists comments from celebrities, politicians, teenage beauty queens, social media influencers, anybody big enough to have millions of followers and people they influence.

I cannot understand how systematically we continue to vote, pay for products and merchandise, select services and invest our money in businesses and people who clearly dislike others but their “own kind” whatever that means. This is a global reality it is not circumscribed to one single country like the USA or the UK, because selective crime and punishment also happens in places like Latin America where I grew up. We as a collective of peace loving people should be more supportive and take true actions for peace not just ignore the comments and move on, yes it is scary I get it. It took me months to finish this prompt reply I knew what I wanted to write but not how. 

I choose love, compasion and understanding, non violence and non hate, because as the iconic Mae West once said “It takes two to get one in Trouble”




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