My Xmas of Blog: December 23 unboxing happiness

The really fun thing about advent calendars is the surprise element of looking forward to discovering something new everyday and receiving a gift everyday; even if I paid for it, it was a fun way to discover products I would have never bought otherwise and honestly will never buy, but that story is for another blog post! Even though everything is cristal clear in the German Advent calendar unlike the Japanese Lucky bags which are a complete surprise, you can still choose to not know what you are going to get, by buying them very early in advance. Let me clarify that, I got this calendar when it came out a few months ago and I decided to not look at what products where inside, asides from the hair products which were the reason I got the calendar, you know the hair lab hehehe. 

Today’s product was a pleasant surprise because currently I am focusing on improving my dark circles and fine wrinkles and I got a product that is aimed at that from a brand I want to try in 2017. 

Last time I visited Douglas I wanted to buy shiseido for oil control and that is how I got introduced to annayake by the cosmetologist on site as a Douglas house brand with a similar quality as shiseido so I decided to try then and there the cleanser and was positively surprised. I ultimately went back to my regulars but it is nice to get to try a product from a new brand to me that I actually need, so I guess I will be posting a review of this eye antiaging cream in the future!

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