The product junkie club Challenge 

We decided to have yet another challenge & I write we because I got brainstorming help from one of my curl friends!

A few ideas for the challenge:

  1. This is a freestyle challenge so each one of us brings a personal twist to the challenge.
  2. There are no forbidden products, all you need to do is test your old products and if you need help deciding wheter to use it or not ask the rest of the team and we will help.
  3. The beta test challenge starts on January 1st, but feel free to start earlier as a test phase, we are allowed to shop until Dec 31st 😁
  4. We will make 3 categories of products

  • Garbage bin: those with smells or ingredients that we hate and the very old ones, let's say older than a year must go in the bin. *If you don't remember when you bought a product it is best to send in to the bin.
  • The "I like you, but forgot about you" bin: Self explanatory, just products we liked but stopped using in favor of our excessive hair product shopping.
  • The Swap box: Here include products that other naturals loved but that somehow they did not become a favorite; but that have a good quality and/or overall good reviews. This serves 2 purposes: making another curly happy and if you can't swap it you can just try it again in new different creative ways.

This challenge is open to everybody, everywhere. It is more like a club of curly friends who shop too much. The hasthtag #productjunkieclub

There is another optional part of the club, which more than a Challenge is a way to reduce waste & help one another save some moneys. I will blog about it once we get there. 

For now some ways I will try to use my products & bring order to my chaos in this lite challenge.

1. Group products by brand and use them together on the same wash day according to our hair needs & routines (try the same wash day at least 2 times in a row, if we like it continue same routine until we need or want a change)

2. Repurchase of Holy Grails is allowed, the budget is up to you but using the base of another challenge I participated in (& failed miserably at) aim for $30, £30, €30 a week or the equivalent in your local currency. Also completing existing hair lines is allowed. You can also choose to not buy anything so the budget goes from 0-30 depending on your intent. My personal intent is to reduce waste, so it makes sense for me to purchase less items and aim for zero expense. It is not a competition, but a collective effort to improve our consumer habits. 

3. Share my findings positive or negative but always saying something nice, if you follow me on IG 

We can use the mugshot system for our products.

I am a potterhead so this one seemed fun for me, but you can create your own too.

'May the odds be ever in your favor" The Hunger Product Junkie Games

For more info visit my instagram @dr_vasquez_md


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