My Xmas of Blog: December 26 

Going back to hair today I had a really great experience on the second day of Xmas. 

We first had breakfast with my husband, his father, sister and Oma & Opa (grandparents) and we played dice game to open the presents and it was awesome! 

We had a lovely family luncheon & asides from great food and company I must note that my husband’s cousin greeting was “I love your hair!” Then as we left the family luncheon, she politely asked if it was my natural hair or how I did it and I said it is natural to which she replied but it was straight before (2013) and I tood her that was chemical and this is the real one and THEN she said oh thats great because I like it so much better like this! 

I was beyond happy so I will write later a review on the products used to create the look! For now a picture!

2nd Day of Xmas wash & go

…and thus concludes my Xmas of blog challenge! Thank you for reading and if you want to see more hair you can find me on IG: @dr_vasquez_md

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