Minimalistic Hair care Goals by guest blogger Olive

I am very happy to introduce my very first Guest blog post for The Hair Lab courtesy of the lovely Olive and here she shares her experience with our little social media & lifestyle experiment called The Product Junkie Club

Hi, I’m Olive and I’m delighted to be The Hair Lab’s first featured guest writer on her fabulous blog!  You can find out more about me on my blog here

I first met Lelia aka HairLabMD last year – let me be completely honest here, in this age of online intimacy I feel as though she’s my friend but I’ve not actually MET her. Not in the flesh I mean. We’ve been ‘friends’ since I started following her Instagram page last year, and she crept right into my heart when she began the #productjunkieclub. Basically we curly girls seem to be obsessed with trying all the products available in our quest for our hairs’ holy grail but I’ll leave it to her to tell you more about the principles as I’m here to tell you my experience with the club.

I was following loads of curly girls on Instagram and every time one of them posted a photo of their perfect curls given to them by their latest product haul I felt a frisson of excitement – maybe this will be the product that will take my curls from curl next door to curl bomb?  It never was. One day I was in my bathroom and something caught my eye – all my hair products. One medium basket and one large bag FULL of hair products, and apparently that’s not a lot compared to some curly girls hauls! I immediately vowed to stop buying anything until I needed it. Around that time I joined the #productjunkieclub and every time I emptied a bottle and didn’t replace it (because I already had the oil or leave-in or conditioner or whatever!) I felt as though I ruled the world. I began a journal of sorts detailing what product I’d just finished, how much it cost, its effects on my hair and whether or not I’d repurchase.  I’ve only repurchased one of those products in almost 18 months. Now that’s a lot of products, a lot of money and a lot of wastage. I still have 3 bottles of shampoo to get through but I only have one conditioner and 3 leave-ins to choose from on wash day (one of which is a sample pot that I don’t like, and the other two are definite repurchases!).

Now that I’m down to a handful of products I feel utterly liberated. I no longer look at the products, roll my eyes, sigh and wonder for ages what to use – I simply grab the shampoo (the one that needs to be finished before the rest), conditioner and one of the two leave-ins – honestly this minimal thing is for me – utter ease, liberation and relaxation in my bathroom now. And what of my hair? Well, thank you for asking – it’s clean, hydrated, healthy and happy – just like me.

The bag is gone and it’s just the basket left so I’m ready to take this to the next level. Next stop – my wardrobe, let the capsule wardrobe project commence!

Green Glitter & Sparkles

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