Early Morning Challenges are well Challenging

I am trying to get back into the habit of wake up early, do things, workout, be productive.

I am quite tired and I’ve only been at it less than a week.

The challenge includes daily blogging. To be honest it’s just too early for me to write a full blog post, or edit drafts (my original intent) so instead I share a #transformationtuesday photo I posted yesterday on Instagram

Well that’s it, Good Morning Europe and I need coffee…would it be acceptable if I also blogged about coffee here?

Back to curls, I hope this motivates you to believe that your curls are magical and that can come back if you just treat them with love.


Dr. L

3 thoughts on “Early Morning Challenges are well Challenging

    • Thank you for that comment I will do it until Saturday only. It was like blog, workout, to start the day. It’s not working so great lol but yes I think I will blog about coffee. It’s so fascinating! Every time I meet a master roaster or plantation owner or curious coffee shop, I want to be part of the coffee industry too. Such an interesting “community”

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    • PS I tried it in December too about my 1st Xmas a German Resident it was fun but not 1st thing in the morning…I am kinda following some tips from a WordPress mailing list, I do enjoy that in a few days I have learned things I had no idea I could do with blogging.


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