Early bird blogging…not so easy

Good morning and I need coffee, normally I would use a vacuum but today it will be the french press. This challenge is exhausting, I won’t workout today, but I blogged or at least tried to.

In the spirit of Product Junkie Club I present you with my favorite gel & conditioner combo of the last few months

Want to know more about these products let me know in the comments section! Or my InstagramThe Hair Lab !

Have a happy and productive day.


Dr. L. aka HairLabMD

2 thoughts on “Early bird blogging…not so easy

    • Oh thank you so much Olive! I only like 3 products from Boucleme. These 2 and the towel. The cowash as all cowashes is not for me but in summer I used the shampoo almost everyday and it was great for a feeling of cleanliness but not as effective as others (maximum time of clean scalp 3 days) so it’s a 3 product wash day for me which was a goal. The curl cream is not as good as the rest of the line though if I had to pick the towel and the gel make the absolute best products of this line šŸ™‚

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