Anita Grant Vanilla Dry Oil Spray Review

The Anita Grant Vanilla Dry Oil Spray is a lush addition to my combination skin (oily/dry) that absorbs easily and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and smelling amazing.

I apply a few pumps to my neck, arms and legs after showering or bathing (in winter) and I can’t be happier with my results, even my husband has commented on how pleasant the smell is.

It features a very short ingredient list which I love; with caprylic/capric triglicerides derived from coconut oil, jojoba oil which is the most similar oil to our sebum and organic vanilla, delish!

You can also use it for your curly hair, I haven’t gotten around to doing this yet because I love it so much on my skin so I’m kinda saving it; but when I do you’ll be the first to know my impressions, I think it will make for an excellent preshampoo treatment based on the ingredients alone. 

To find the Vanilla Dry Oil just click here on my affiliate link at no cost to you: Anita Grant Vanilla Dry Oil

Cheers! Dr. Lelia