Hair accessories every curly person needs

Osocurly accessories

Need to streamline your haircare?

I have a few tools that you might be missing!

Fine mist Spray bottle: this bottle offers a continuous, ultra fine mist to make refreshing your hair 1000 times easier, ever since I purchased it I have started to enjoy refreshes. I used to hate them, now they are a breeze. This is because the mist saturates the hair without making it overly wet and there is no mess afterwards.

Shampoo brush: I’ve been using a shampoo brush almost since the beginning of my journey, but this shampoo brush from osocurly is definitely my favorite. It gives a very gentle scalp massage while applying shampoo. The correct way to use it is in a left to right or viceversa motion without bunching up the hair at the top of the head, this way you avoid tangles and breakage. Remember be gentle. The objective is to exfoliate a bit and relax a lot with the massage.

Satin Scrunchies: If you have curly hair and are NOT using satin Scrunchies, then you need to start now. They are gentle in the hair and don’t pull and tug at it. You can also tie your hair for sleeping by taking all your hair to the front and using a single loop of the satin scrunchie to put it all together.

You can find all these goodies here: Osocurly store

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