Fashion Shopping for Black Friday (Korean Fashion)

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are present in this post and the blog makes a small commision should you choose to use the links at no cost to you.

Today I will present to you a few stores where you can buy mostly Korean Fashion but also my own brand Ye Curly Shoppe, so I hope you enjoy the list. It will be short and sweet and mostly about the deals for black friday. This is the last post in my Black Friday shopping series unless I happen to find more time to write.

Ye Curly Shoppe: Here you can find original designs with motives representing curly hair and japanese culture (I live in Japan so it made sense, don’t come for me lol) it’s winter in Japan & America and Spring in Australia so I will show you my t-shirts and recommend you hoodies for staying warm this winter.

Yes Style: This is a site where I have spent a lot of money in Skincare and fashion but I digress, let’s discuss fashion. I have purchased a lot of knit dresses for this cold season and I have yet to be dissapointed sadly I don’t have many nice pictures wearing them and now it to late so I will simply share a few photos of a shirt, a cape and a dress I like and you can feel free to browse the site.

The black friday deak they are holding is 15% off with code: BLKFD21 and you can save up to 20% if you use my code SAKURA08 for an extra 5% so that’s a saving of 20% total while the offer lasts.

Kooding: This is another great K-beauty and K-Fashion store and they have quite a bargain for this black friday they are offering a Black Friday Sale of up to 50% off plus 10% off with code BLK21 until November 28th and for Cyber Monday Sale they offer and extra 15% off with code CYBER. They have a lot of Korean fashion brands to choose from but I definitively recommend checking out Envy Look and DABAGIRL

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