Curly Hair Shopping in Japan

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links that give the blog a small comission should you choose to use said links at no cost to you.

I have been living in Japan for a while now and because I don’t live in Tokyo I can’t say I have found physical stores that cater to curly hair although I do know about one hairdresser that does devacuts in that area, with that being said I have an extensive collection of products that work for me and that bring me joy while caring for my curly hair in Japan and I will share with you where I have purchased these items from.

Osocurly: Everything you need for curly hair accesories such as satin bonnets, satin pillowcases, shampoo brushes, satin scrunchies, and mist spray bottles. They also have accesories for children and other tools such as edge control combs that I haven’t tried but I have the feeling are as good as the other products I have purchased. As a bonus I have a 15% Osocurly discount code: CURLYSAKURA.

Beautylish: They offer free shipping to Japan with a minimum spend and cash on delivery payment which is quite rare in general. Here I purchase my Briogeo products which I absolutely love and need to write a review about soon.

Iherb: They are now offering a wide variety of brands such as: Curlsmith, Curls, Mielle Organics, Devacurl, Carol’s Daugther, Aussie curls, Camille Rose and Shea Moisture. I have tried Curlsmith, Curls, Mielle Organics, Devacurl and Shea Moisture and I have to say my favorite brands are Curlsmith and Shea Moisture. If you want a detailed post about a product, let me know in the comments and if I have tried it I will write about it just for you. You can get free shipping with a minimum spend.

Safe & Chic: This store specializes in ethical beauty and has everything from makeup to skincare to haircare and even clothing. I mention it because here you can buy Innersense Organic Beauty and Rahua both great performing brands. I have a detailed review on Innersense Organic Beauty in the blog and my favorite products are the shampoo and the volumizing foam. From Rahua I like their shampoos and conditioners.

Anita Grant: Is a British brand with handmade, cruelty free, organic, small batch products that I simply adore shopping from you can find my favorite products such as the Creamy Cafe latte , aloe vera shampoo, the curl conditioning cowash and rhassoul deep conditioning cubes here. I have also posted a blog post with a Rhassoul Clay recipe which is just fabulous for cleansing your hair strands while retaining moisture, make sure to give it a read.

I hope you have found this list of places I shop from useful and that it can help you in your new life in Japan and if you’ve been here for a while and didn’t have the scoop well now you know.

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