Xmas of Blog 2021 Sachiko Advent Calendar days 5 & 6

Hello again, I’m quite behind in my blogging but you know how is life!

Today I’m back again with 2 days of the Sachiko Advent Calendar my husband has handmade for me.

Day 5 was a Banila Co Clean it Zero Duo trial kit with a purifying cleansing balm and an original cleansing balm. I only opened the original one and it removed my makeup fabulously. I’m very pleased with this product

I love Coca Cola so le husband picked that cloth.
Banila Co Clean it Zero cleansing balm purifying and original

Day 6 was Dear klairs Fundamental Water Gel Cream which is a moisturizing cream with a gel type texture. It contains Jeju Green tea water and panthenol. I enjoyed using this cream as the last step of my night routine and it played well with my other skincare products so I call that a success.

Day 6 Sachiko Advent Calendar
Dear, Klairs Fundamental Water Gel Cream

If you would like to try these products too, you can find them at Yes style and if you want a discount you can use my code SAKURA08.

PS. Most products from the calendar were purchased at Yes style unless they were a surprise gift that I didn’t purchase myself but instead someone else did.


Dr. L.

Xmas of Blog Advent Calendar days 3 & 4

Hello again, to my Xmas of Blog 2021. Yesterday was a long day and I couldn’t show you my advent calendar gifts so today we have a double treat!

Day 3 was a shower gel and serum.

I had purchased the serum myself and it’s the Aurelia London revitalise & glow serum which is a lightweight serum with a mild citrusy and floral scent. It contains omega rich baobab to revitalise the skin’s appearance, Kingella africana to firm and antioxidantes rich natural Vitamin E oil to help reduce signs of oxidative stress. It also contains jasmine flower & frangipani extracts.

The shower gel was courtesy of my sister in law from Germany and it has a wonderful winter wonderland spicy fragrance that I can’t wait to try!

Handmade Day 3 Sachiko Bag
Shower gel & facial serum

Day 4 is a Nail Polish

I was very pleasantly surprised by day 4 because it was a gift from my husband, he selected the perfect shade of nail polish from O.P.I. in the shade Ready, Fête, Go.

O.P.I. nail polish: Ready, Fête, Go

I’m so happy with the goodies of the past few days and can’t wait to try them all.

Do you have an advent calendar as well? Let me know in the comments what have you gotten so far.


Dr. L.

Xmas of Blog Advent Calendar day 2

Today I want to tell you a little more about my advent calendar as I think it’s quite special.

My husband has surprised me with a sachiko (Japanese stitching or embroidery) advent calendar pouches.

I purchased some items back in September so I barely remember what I bought and today I got the Cosrx cica clear cleansing oil which looks lush.

Sachiko pouch and product
Cosrx Cica clear cleansing oil

I hope you enjoyed today’s product and if you want a review of it in the future let me know in the comments ☺️


Dr. L.

Xmas of Blog 2021

I did this project 5 years ago, when I started my blog but in these 5 years I have been quite inactive and I want to change that.

I spend a lot of time on social media but I enjoy more blogging and reading blogs than on Instagram for example, although I admit TikTok is very funny!

This Xmas of Blog I will be sharing what I get in my homemade advent calendar, that I created with the help of my hubby.

Why a homemade advent calendar? You ask? Well, I couldn’t get the calendar I wanted and the others available didn’t have things of my interest so instead in between my husband and me we bought items I actually wanted to try that were small and could be of interest to me.

Do I know what’s in the calendar? Only 50-60% yes, but I don’t know when I’m going to get it so that’s exiting!

Today December 1st I received German cookies and KitKat, that was quite unexpected. I was excited about the cookies & baffled by the KitKat but at this time I have to say I already ate some cookies and really enjoyed the KitKat.

Day 1 Advent Calendar