Xmas of Blog 2021

I did this project 5 years ago, when I started my blog but in these 5 years I have been quite inactive and I want to change that.

I spend a lot of time on social media but I enjoy more blogging and reading blogs than on Instagram for example, although I admit TikTok is very funny!

This Xmas of Blog I will be sharing what I get in my homemade advent calendar, that I created with the help of my hubby.

Why a homemade advent calendar? You ask? Well, I couldn’t get the calendar I wanted and the others available didn’t have things of my interest so instead in between my husband and me we bought items I actually wanted to try that were small and could be of interest to me.

Do I know what’s in the calendar? Only 50-60% yes, but I don’t know when I’m going to get it so that’s exiting!

Today December 1st I received German cookies and KitKat, that was quite unexpected. I was excited about the cookies & baffled by the KitKat but at this time I have to say I already ate some cookies and really enjoyed the KitKat.

Day 1 Advent Calendar

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