Curious about your ancestry? Get your DNA sequenced

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Which DNA testing kit is right for you? Wondering about your ancestry? So am I!

Growing up in Latin America in a cultural melting pot, does make me wonder where do I really come from. At least I have been wondering recently, honestly ever since I wrote about my mother for the blog. I know for a fact that part of my mother’s family comes from Spain on my grandfather’s side but that’s all I know about my ancestry on mum’s side and I want to know more. My dad’s side is more straightforward (sort of, not exactly) but I would still like to know more.

While researching for DNA test kits I needed one that was available worldwide and that’s how I stumbled upon Nebula genomics and their different options for at home DNA sequencing. They offer free worldwide shipping and that is just perfect as you all know I live in Asia.

They also offer a wide variety of options in terms of services which intrigued me and are the only ones doing a full DNA sequencing, how cool is that?

I think sometime soon I will be getting my DNA sequenced with Nebula Genomics and probably will share the results of my ancestry on here.

Care to join me? Get sequenced clicking here!

Promos with Nebula Genomics available for you:


Dr. L.

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