Why is vitamin D good for you?

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Why Vitamin D3?

One of my favorite supplements is Vitamin D. Not just any vitamin D – it has to be D3. Why does this matter you might ask? The short answer is: Bioavailability. Let’s deep dive into the longer answer now: Vitamin D3 is the form of vitamin D that is more readily available for your body to absorb. It requires the least amount of conversion to be readily available inside your body. This gives you the most benefits of taking vitamin D. 

Benefits of vitamin D3

Supplementation with vitamin D3 is important especially during winter, but for me it is a year-round thing. The purported benefits of supplementation are increased energy levels (I have experienced this myself, again, especially in winter but also all year round), immune system boosting and bone health support. 

Where to get vitamin D3 and how should I dose it

As with anything medical related, you should consult with your doctor if supplementation is right for you, but in the case of vitamin D3 for most people supplementation is needed at least in winter and a dose of 4000 IU should be enough to get you covered. It is even better if you have a balanced diet that includes foods such as fatty fish, red meats, liver, egg yolks, and fortified foods such as some breakfast cereals.

I highly recommend having a balanced diet but when that is not possible, I would go for as high as 10000 IU, but again, this should be discussed with your doctor to get more personalized diagnostics.

I take 5000 IU daily of Viva Naturals Vitamin D3 and I feel really great. It’s also gluten free, so this is a safe supplement for any celiacs (it’s celiac awareness month) out there.

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Dr. L.

Untitled too 

Flawed? Ugly? Weird? Eww yuk? Who told you that?

Society, your boss, a friend, an adversary a colleague or yourself looking at the mirror and hating what you see?
What you think becomes what you feel.
Think right feel right. Think right and you can cope, adapt and adjust regardless of the external forces against, or in your favor. Think wrong and you may become ill and you will suffer. This is not hopeful woo, this is science, neuroscience and in the same way as it took years of “hard work” for your brain to wire itself in a way that it will work against you (depression, low self esteem, personality disorders,etc) it will take hard work and professional help from a doctor, a therapist, a nutritionist, or a fitness instructor to help you improve your life and come to terms with how you look and more importantly, who you are.

Change can begin from the inside out, or from the outside in. I obviously like fitness, facial architecture & aesthetics, and now I like hair appearance and I firmly believe that if you want to improve yourself you are free to pursue it, but be mindful of the thought behind the emotion.

There is nothing wrong with using modern medicine to be better, it is not weak to get medical treatment for acne, it is not vain to get “work done”, it not arrogant to be fit and eat well; but the thought behind it, is what defines whether it is good or bad thing for you X or Y physical change.

Genetics & culture do play a role, in the perception of beauty, that is undeniable we might wish it would not be so but it is.  Do not aspire to be beautiful, you already are, aspire to be healthy.

How you look does not define you, but the world we live in judges our “look” and that is also a fact. I can’t disclose patient info but I can tell you that the medical profesion is not devoid of sociocultural biases on apperance. A female, beautiful doctor is still expected to be less competent than her fellow men, but so what? It only means she has to work harder to get respect that is all.

The only way to be happy is to be healthy.