I Know Everything

Daily Prompt response.

Almost every single night the same pompous,pretentious looking woman walks by my apartment at around 10 pm, everything about her annoys me, her big voluminous hair, that make up! Oh Gosh I hate her make up, if you can call it that, so simple barely there and no matter how well dressed up she is, her tell tale sign of the carefree, mundane and meaningless life she leads are her ever present under eyes dark circles.

One of these days I will stay up properly dressed, with my hair done and perfect make up and tell her “if you want to go out and party every night at least look the part, fix that make up. Wear high heels and flatten that hair” Yes! my speech is perfect tomorrow I will do it, enough is enough.

The lights are so bright what am I doing here? Where was I? Oh yes! waiting for that low life, but where am I now? I must have…my head…oh the bus, oh the bus.

“Blood pressure dropping, give me IV fluids, get the crash cart…”

It is her! yes I will tell her, now she will know I know what she does every night, no more hiding what she carries in that bag. What is she wearing?, the beeping, this noise is annoying, I can not see.

“She is crashing, 1,2,3 Clear!”

I KNoww you…

A few hours later..

-Dr. Johnson do you know why the Jane Doe of the bus crash, said she knew you?

-I did not know her name and we never really spoke but I think she was my neighbour. She always looked a bit lonely and sad staring out the open window whenever I would be heading to the ER for my night shift; it is a shame really I think she wanted to say something, but I was always in such a rush. I wish I had taken the time to meet her, but you know always busy maybe this is a wake up call.

-Do you think she jumped in front of the bus?

-Maybe, I can not say, may she rest in peace.


This was my response to the daily prompt


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