Skincare Review: Jordan Samuel Skin

Today I feature my favorite cleanser of all time, The Jordan Samuel Skin: The After Show Treatment Cleanser.

It is a gel to oil formula with a citrus/fruity scent, not overpowering Just sensory enhancing.

Cleansing my face is a pleasure with this. It includes ingredients such as olive, jojoba and grape seed oils which are perfect for a first cleanse used in removing makeup, other notable ingredients are sugarcane, willow bark and apple extracts which provide gentle exfoliation.

I use it as a first cleanse most times but I also use it as my second cleanse sometimes. It’s a very versatile & enjoyable product! I just repurchased a bigger size replacement as this one is empty.
(Pic was taken before opening, also love the elegant packaging)

Have you tried Jordan Samuel Skin? Let me know in the comments

The After Show Treatment Cleanser

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