Xmas of Blog 2021 Sachiko Advent Calendar days 5 & 6

Hello again, I’m quite behind in my blogging but you know how is life!

Today I’m back again with 2 days of the Sachiko Advent Calendar my husband has handmade for me.

Day 5 was a Banila Co Clean it Zero Duo trial kit with a purifying cleansing balm and an original cleansing balm. I only opened the original one and it removed my makeup fabulously. I’m very pleased with this product

I love Coca Cola so le husband picked that cloth.
Banila Co Clean it Zero cleansing balm purifying and original

Day 6 was Dear klairs Fundamental Water Gel Cream which is a moisturizing cream with a gel type texture. It contains Jeju Green tea water and panthenol. I enjoyed using this cream as the last step of my night routine and it played well with my other skincare products so I call that a success.

Day 6 Sachiko Advent Calendar
Dear, Klairs Fundamental Water Gel Cream

If you would like to try these products too, you can find them at Yes style and if you want a discount you can use my code SAKURA08.

PS. Most products from the calendar were purchased at Yes style unless they were a surprise gift that I didn’t purchase myself but instead someone else did.


Dr. L.

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